File a Support Ticket
1. Join the official POB Discord:
2. Follow the necessary steps to view all channels in the General section.
3. In the #support channel, please use the Support bot and file a ticket.
4. Include as much information as possible like your payment's transaction number, the info you used during checkout, the link to your artwork, your Twitter or Discord handle, etc.
5. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, feel free to contact us on a platform of your choice (email preferably) to communicate private or sensitive info. While we respect everyone's privacy, please bear with us as we figure out how to ship everything accurately and securely.
Shipping Information
If you leave the Shipping portion of checkout blank or feel uncomfortable sharing an address through the website, please contact us through a means of your choice to exchange this information. Please provide your order details as well.
All orders include free international delivery. Please use an address that you are confident will register in FedEx. Shipping a framed piece requires meticulously wrapping the frame and packing everything graciously for transport; this is very expensive. Paper only orders are shipped in hard, plastic canisters and are much easier overall to process.
We deeply respect everyone's privacy and handle all sensitive info as securely as possible. Shipping info is shared with our printing service Gallery 16 and stored in both a restricted Firestore database and Airtable. The POB Shop experience is both experimental and a work in progress; please be advised. The primary parties responsible over your data are @ash_bhimasani and @dave4506. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.
Contact Us
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